Mosaic Wellness Fellowship Program
Being a CEO is hard. Period. As a youngster, I always used to wish to get the numero uno position and how great life would be then. Boy, was I wrong :) 
One of the biggest challenges of a leader is to make the right decisions, use judgement, gut and experience to make the right calls. I have realized that I get a lot of stuff wrong, but the interesting thing I have learnt is that as long as you get the big decisions right, things work out fine in the long run. Yes, a bit like Poker, win big and try and lose small :). 

As we draw up to our 2 year anniversary I have been looking back to see what has worked for us the best. Was it our speed of execution, our decision making, external factors (luck?), the capital we had, and trying to see what we can do a lot more of in the coming year. What is that big decision that we got right that we should go ALL IN on? 

I keep discussing the 4 things we as a business leverage and how we should be making decisions that always keep them at the centre. Tech as Leverage, Media as Leverage, Capital as Leverage and People as Leverage. While we have used Capital and Media well, we need to improve on using Tech as Leverage and the most important ; People. 

Looking back, the most leverage we have got is from people who joined us as generalists, young and hungry to learn, to make an impact, be genuinely curious as to why things cannot be better, keen to try things differently. These individuals have in the last 2 years helped us serve more than 1M customers through Telehealth consultations, providing high impact wellness products and providing digital health services with very high customer love. Each of these generalists joined as a Chief of Staff or Entrepreneur in Residence and is today leading a P&L of their own in 3-12 months of joining us. 

As we prepare to celebrate our 2 year Anniversary, the constant question I have is what is going to help us be 10x better over the next 2; and the answer is clear, we need to multiply our ability to onboard young talent, willing to create impact and teach them the skills needed to create that impact. It took me 2 years to understand that the job of a CEO is not to be a captain but a Coach, a mentor and guide to everyone in the organization and prepare them to take large problem statements head on and solve them with ease. Better late than never :).

With this in mind, we are launching the Mosaic Fellowship Program (MFP), an annual program which allows fresh graduates to figure out the key skills needed to build a Digital first business in India. This is a full-time one-year program that offers learning opportunities about entrepreneurship, operating roles in startups with the apprenticeship model of training at its core. The Fellows will be involved in running initiatives aligned with the objectives of the quarter (understand OKRs here) in various business functions like Product, Category Management, Operations, Supply Chain, Telehealth, Sales & Marketing. 

The program will accept fresh graduates every year and give them 4 rotational stints across various functions. The mentors for the program have each built out a strong business function either with us over the last 2 years or have done so in their career. The fellows will work closely with each mentor over the course of a Quarter and learn the basics of those functions.
At the end of the stint, the option is to pick up a full time role in one of these functions. This effectively gives you an accelerated understanding of how you would want to build your professional career and also gives you a faster growth trajectory. 

Apart from me, here is the brief list of leaders you will get a chance to work with during the course of the fellowship ​
Business & Category Abhinav Mohan
 Revenue & Growth - Sachin Singla
Operations & Finance - Dhyanesh Shah
Telehealth Platform - Mohnish Karjodkar
Product - Kumar Tushar  
Engineering - Shouvik Ghosh Roy
More about our leadership can be discovered here
The 2022 batch intake is now open. Request all those who have graduated in 2021 or 2022 to consider applying by mailing with the subject line as “MFP Application” and writing in as to why you are keen to pursue the program in less than 100 words. No CVs or Attachments. Period. Deadline for applications is 30th April 2022.
Oh yes, this is a paid fellowship :) a full time job. We might not be able to promise overseas travel or global brand exposure today, but what we can promise is a steep learning curve, hands on experience of building & scaling a business, loads and loads of fun and the immense satisfaction of solving for real consumer needs and making a difference.


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